Kingston from the macroscope

Hej M,

The Formidable Vegetable Sound System really is just that – Formidable (with a capital F). In return, let me share the corn song my Professor shared with us. There’s another one (“The Corn Song”, by L. Jones) that was really quite good, but I can’t seem to find it online. Our Professor has a musical approach to the crops we’re studying in any case, so I showed him Joan singing Give Me Cornbread.

pilot chrisK way down

Last weekend, I had the honour of doing the whole observing practice from above for a bit: my housemate’s lab tech took us on a bumpy, shaky flight over Kingston and surrounding areas. Autumn really is quite special, even from certain angles of existence I wasn’t entirely comfortable with.

Thank you so much for all the links – I’ll have to give my temples a good massage and pour my brains out for Keeping it in the Ground. And who knows, perhaps the St A bee specialist P. W. is a die-hard Permaculturalist and will inspire me to (figuratively) ground breaking research. Not too likely, but I should write to her sometime. Before that, however, I’ll do my best planting some seeds of sustainability in people’s minds as I walk them home: today I have my first shift as Walkhome Service Staff, where I am being paid to have late-night conversations with people as I accompany them home from campus. Who knows what I’ll learn, although don’t count on stories of casually buying a house in Stockholm for a lover; I don’t think there are that kind of students around much.

This could be
Could be a Yellow birch.
Tilia americana (American lime - maybe)
American lime? I’m a rubbish herbarium maker, but the collecting was fun. Ottawa, Thanksgiving.

Leafy homecoming autumn love,


PS: A friend of mine is cycling through Europe over his gap year. He’s made it to Sweden now – which made me think of you of course – and has been taking lovely pictures along the way.


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