Action, action, action

It is hard to walk around Paris now without bumping into actions. Here are the Climate Guardian angels:2015-12-09 11.31.07

Here some children’s thoughts on climate change

2015-12-09 11.29.58

2015-12-09 11.31.23

The rather unsettling news that certain scientists are willing to produce “research” for fossil fuel companies highlighting benefits of carbon emissions was announced yesterday. Fittingly, a major fossil fuel divestment action was scheduled to take place today.

In brilliant sunshine, activists managed to get pass even stricter than normal security controls (this time, the entire content of your bag had to be taken out and prodded thoroughly) outside the Louvre. They preceded to display black umbrellas with the message Fossil Free Culture, calling out the fossil fuel companies that sponsor the Louvre. Simultaneously, inside, people spread molasses on the floor to show how sticky black oil is in fact a part of the Louvre’s collection as the museum provides ways for fossil fuel companies to try to better their image.

Here’s a little video about the action:

The atmosphere was very calm outside. There were of course many police in place, but they did not attempt to stop any of the umbrella display or slow procession.

Action is also happening in Le Bourget itself, with a civil socity sit-in earlier today…

…where not everyone is very happy with the new draft agreement.

As always, there are conflicting accounts of what is going on, with the Guardian sounding carefully hopeful – seemingly highlighting the spanners thrown in the works by developing countries, and others sounding more negative – holding the developed states, especially the US, as culprits.



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