Monkey Face

In high school I always carried a spoon in my pocket, but for some reason eventually discontinued the habit, so I appreciate the reminder.

To be honest I haven’t reflected all that much so far this new year, but there’s two Thich Nhat Hanh quotations on my wall now which I can certainly share:

the miracle

true person







We went on a little ecology field trip to identify trees in winter. One of my professors told me about being surprised how much students enjoyed identifying winter vegetation when he was still teaching in Toronto, and I think in a way it’s a little like meeting new people, except that silent tree aren’t awkward and their full names are generally impossible to pronounce, let alone remember. Also, while one of our guides described some type of twig as “tree-like”, another described the Butternut’s leaf scar, quite accurately, as “monkey face”.



Most days hold a little surprise. Yesterday, after quietly sulking about all the group assignments I’m given, I had some Chinese food with my housemates and my fortune cookie told me to “enjoy your own company. If you don’t, who will?” which was a rather rude message in my opinion, but then again I will be stuck in a train for three days shortly, so I suppose it’s actually quite appropriate. I should add that I completely enjoyed meeting with my group after that too.

Another day I was walking around the library looking for someone and didn’t find them but discovered a fireplace reading room! I’ve also been napping quite excessively recently, waking up in a state of utter confusion about time, space, and entropy, but it’s the best feeling when reality dawns on you just a few moments after.

Kingston Rideau Trail, late December
Rideau Trail, end of January. Winter has been pretty shy so far this year.


Ultimately I’ve been taking it pretty easy in 2016, and have enjoyed that all the way. When asked what I wanted to write my dissertation about I said that I was going to wait till the last minute, when St Andrews demands my thoughts on the matter, and was told it’s “not a bad strategy”. Hopefully I’ll have some stories to tell and thoughts to share once I crossed the country.



Meet the trees,



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