You know the type of friendship where you just click, everything is effortless and comfortable, and you feel there is too much shared understanding and feeling to just let it peter out.


For the past year, we have been living together. Our kitchen has been the scene for many culinary experiments and masterpieces. But it has also been the place where we together reflected on the state of the world, shared gardening tips and debated their political implications, wondered at the meanings and feelings we experience in great music, laughed and cried about our interactions with other human beings, hoped and despaired about war and peace, climate change, technofixes, and community projects.

We are now at a point in our lives where we have moved apart, to different countries and different circumstances. But we have decided to write this blog, in dialogue, to keep our conversations flowing. We are keeping it public mostly for all our other friends who used to pop in through our perpetually unlocked kitchen door to chip in and come with their point of view – you will have to do it virtually now. But even if you don’t know us, feel free to browse and comment.

Peace, peas, and love,

M and T


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